We don’t remember days, We remember moments

And it’s gone…



Overview Aqualightmotion has had the pleasure of watching hundreds of the areas children grow, from Mommy’s tummy, to beautiful little newborns, to crazy little toddlers. But this is where it all starts. Aqualightmotion Maternity sessions offer a special look at...

Graduation Moments

Graduation Moments

The one hour portrait sitting is for graduates and families looking for a unique and personalized portraiture session. Suitable for those looking for beautiful wall art and something extra special to remember the occasion.

Kids photography

Kids photography

A time when your kids have acquire the skills of running, jumping, laughing, playing, singing to music, clapping and many more. It is probably the most fun sessions of all our services.

Every day, and at every moment, we leave behind a memory which we never see again. Many are mundane; but what if there’re not?

Those special days contain moments which hold a priceless value, and at Aqualight Motion we capture the action to deliver your memories forever

That One Moment….it only ever happens once, make sure that it’s captured and held long after the instant has passed.

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